Is the Uncharted Movie Trailer Dropping This Week? Tom Holland Shares a Mysterious Tease

Are we getting the Uncharted movie trailer this week? We may indeed be getting one of our first major movie trailers of the year very soon, if we read between the lines of a new tweet from actor Tom Holland. The star has teased that something is coming on January 14 and, looking at his upcoming slate, it makes the most sense for this to be related to his turn as Nathan Drake in the long-awaited video game adaptation.

Tom Holland took to Twitter to share his mysterious tease which consists of a date, “14/01/21,” and a smirking face emoji. It’s easy to read this as, “something big is coming on Thursday.” So, that leaves us with the question of what that something is. Holland is the star of the Spider-Man franchise and Spider-Man 3 is currently filming. Sure, this could be about Peter Parker’s next Marvel adventure. Though it seems unlikely as production is still taking place. It also could be about his new movie with the Russo brothers, Cherry, which arrives this year. But we already got a teaser trailer for the drama recently.

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By process of elimination, that leaves us with Uncharted. Filming wrapped on the adaptation of the popular video game series in October of last year. The movie spent years in development hell and finally began filming at an inopportune time, just as Hollywood was contending with shutdowns brought on by health and safety concerns. Yet, the seemingly doomed project managed to make it to the finish line and is now positioned by Sony as a summer blockbuster. That being the case, releasing a trailer this week would make a whole lot of sense.

Uncharted, as a video game, launched in 2007. The series follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his trusty companion, Sully. A series of three sequels, as well as a prequel, followed. Sony quickly tried to parlay the game’s popularity into a movie, with various filmmakers and stars attached over the years. Mark Wahlberg, who plays Sully alongside Tom Holland, was at one point attached to play Drake himself. David O. Russell, Travis Knight and Dan Trachtenberg are just a few of the directors who came and went before the movie finally got on its feet. Ruben Fleischer (Venom, Zombieland: Double Tap) is the man who landed in the director’s chair.

Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle round out the main ensemble. Plot details for the movie remain under wraps. What we know for sure is that Sony cast a younger actor for the lead role in the hopes that this will turn into a franchise that can run for many years to come. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We may have a better understanding of how plausible that is if and when the trailer drops on Thursday. We’ll be sure to bring the trailer your way as soon as it’s available. Uncharted is currently set to hit theaters on July 16, 2021. You can check out the post from Tom Holland’s Twitter account.

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