Star Wars Legend Thanks The Mandalorian Finale Director for Unexpected Opportunity

Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill is thanking The Mandalorian director Peyton Reed for an “unexpected opportunity.” Reed was able to direct two episodes of season 2, including the season finale, which has gotten a lot of attention from Star Wars fans. Din Djarin was able to accomplish his mission, as Baby Grogu left with a Jedi to begin his training. It was a bittersweet moment for fans, who are now wondering if the duo will ever be reunited.

As for who the particular Jedi was that rescued Baby Grogu, it was Luke Skywalker. While most Star Wars fans now know that Mark Hamill reprised the role in The Mandalorian season 2, there are still a few who don’t know, even though Hamill has addressed it several times on social media over the past few weeks. Peyton Reed, who directed Hamill in the finale, thanked him for making one of his dreams come true. “Star Wars, and Luke Skywalker in particular, meant a great deal to me,” Reed wrote to Hamill, while sharing an image of the actor on the set of A New Hope. “Some things never change.”

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Mark Hamill has already thanked Dave Filoni and John Favreau for his inclusion in The Mandalorian season 2, and now he is thanking Peyton Reed. “I am so grateful to have been given the unexpected opportunity to revisit my character when he was still a symbol of hope and optimism,” Hamill wrote. “Your assured direction & kindness was a crucial element in the experience and means more to me than I can say.” While directing Hamill was a dream come true for Reed, it also seems like returning to the character in The Mandalorian was a dream that Hamill never even knew he wanted to come true.

Star Wars fans will more than likely focus on the “symbol of hope and optimism” in Mark Hamill’s social media post. For the most part, fans were not happy with the way that Luke Skywalker was portrayed in the sequel trilogy, which is something that Hamill has also commented on more than once over the years. One of the biggest takeaways from The Mandalorian season 2 finale was that Luke was seen on screen for the first time as a powerful Jedi.

After seeing Luke Skywalker’s story arc in the original trilogy, Star Wars devotees were hoping for the powerful Jedi Master that had been teased for decades appear in the sequel trilogy. Instead, we were treated to an old and bitter hermit, exiled on Ahch-To. For many, it went against everything that the character ever stood for, while others were happy to see someone flip the script and introduce a shocking twist. Regardless, Mark Hamill, Peyton Reed, Dave Filoni, and Jon Favreau have finally shown the world just how powerful Luke Skywalker was after Return of the Jedi. You can read the social media gratitude post above, thanks to Mark Hamill’s official Twitter account.

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