Will Jason Isaacs Return as the Grand Inquisitor in a Star Wars Live-Action TV Show?

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs has reconfirmed that he would be willing to reprise the role of Star Wars Rebels villain the Grand Inquisitor in live action should the opportunity arise. Much like he has when discussing the character before, Isaacs highlighted the Grand Inquisitor’s unique choice of weapon as a major selling point for bringing him into live action, with the actor very much on board with wielding it himself.

“I think it was because of his lightsaber. I’d like to use that spinning red lightsaber. I have the coolest wand in the Harry Potter world and I have the cool lightsaber in the Star Wars world.”

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Aside from the chance to use a lightsaber in real life rather than watching it play out in animated form, Jason Isaacs also provided some details as to what would persuade him to reprise the role all these years later, even mentioning The Mandalorian season 2 star Katee Sackhoff and her positive experience of working on the Disney+ series.

“I’m open to anything. It’s always about the script. I don’t want to just turn up so that I can take some photographs and go to conventions. I’d like to play parts. The Inquisitor was a great part when I played it and if the Inquisitor was a great part again, I’d be up for it. I’m not sure I’ve got the patience of Doug Jones who plays Saru in Discovery, who was the creature in The Shape of Water and stuff. I don’t now how many hours I’d like to spend in prosthetics. But yeah, Katee had a very good time. I know Katee and I’ll say, I’ve loved being part of the Star Wars world. They’ve invited me in although I’ve only ever been an animated character before.”

As well as declaring his love for the character and choice of weaponry, Isaacs further stressed the importance of the script, stipulating that there would need to be some change or variation to the Grand Inquisitor should he show up again, in order to save the actor from simply repeating what he has done.

“It’s always the script and what you get to do. I know that for other people they go, ‘I’d love to see you in this,’ or, ‘I’d love to see you in that.’ Mostly it’s people would like to see me do something they’ve seen me do before. They go, ‘There’s a character just like that in this. Wouldn’t you like to be in Outlander playing so and so?’ And I go, ‘Well, not really because you’re just saying I should bring that character over from The Patriot,’ or whatever.”

While there has been no suggestion that the Grand Inquisitor will return in a live action Star Wars TV show, there are several opportunities for him to do so, including the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series. For now, Isaacs is sticking to the “never say never” approach.

“I’m being a bit cagey because, you know, it could happen, I suppose.”

The Grand Inquisitor was created for the animated series Star Wars Rebels, making his on-screen debut in 2014’s Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion. A former Jedi Temple guard, the Inquisitor was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force under the guidance of Darth Vader. Sent to hunt down and kill the remaining Jedi following Order 66, the Grand Inquisitor was eventually killed in a lightsaber duel, but should he be resurrected for The Mandalorian, he would not be the first Star Wars villain to return from certain death. This comes to us from Collider.

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