WandaVision Featurette Takes the MCU in Front of a Live Studio Audience

Marvel Studios has released a new featurette taking fans behind-the-scenes of WandaVision. One of the main focuses of the new footage is how the cast and crew were able to film an episode in front of a live studio audience. Marvel boss Kevin Feige wanted the show to pay homage to the classic TV sitcoms, and using a live audience is one of the larger ways that they stuck to that original premise. With that being said, don’t expect WandaVision to stick to that format as the show progresses. There are no SPOILERS for WandaVision below.

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WandaVision director Matt Shakman appears in the featurette and notes, “We are kind of recreating a whole era of television and trying to do it with this authenticity.” To do so, the crew went with the vibe of a midcentury sitcom, filming in black and white in front of a live studio audience. Lucky audience members had to sign strict NDAs to make sure that nothing leaked. Crew members got in on the fun and came to set in ’50s-era clothing and used period correct lenses to make sure everything looks as authentic as possible. Special effects techniques that were used on shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie were also used.

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Elizabeth Olsen found that shooting WandaVision in front of a live studio audience brought back some memories. “It was insanity,” Olsen said about the live experience. “There was something very meta for my own life because I would visit those tapings as a kid, where my sisters were working [on Full House].” Olsen’s sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley worked on Full House when they were children, both starring as Michelle Tanner. Marvel Studios sought out to make something classic, while using classic influences, trying their best to make sure that nothing comes off like a spoof.

As for Paul Bettany, he was excited by shooting WandaVision in front of a live studio audience. “We were all so high by the end of it, we wanted to keep on running the show. Maybe take it out on tour or something. WandaVision on ice,” he said. While a live stage show is out of the question, it does lead one to wonder if there will be more Vision in the MCU’s future, which is something that Bettany has addressed. Obviously, he can’t reveal too much, but he has admitted that he would love to return to the character.

When Marvel boss Kevin Feige called up Paul Bettany to discuss WandaVision, the actor initially thought he was going to be fired. “So, my contract was up, and I got a call from Kevin Feige saying, ‘Can you come into the office?’ And when the boss calls you up and says to come by the office when your contract is up, you know what that means,” Bettany recalled in a new interview. In the end, he was pitched a TV a show and immediately said yes. You can check out the behind-the-scenes featurette above, thanks to the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

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