Rare Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster Could Fetch $100K

It’s an incredibly rare occurrence to find the faces of Sesame Street characters hidden in rocks, but it does happen. That was the case for geologist Mike Bowers, who found a most peculiar discovery inside a rock picked up by his colleague Lucas Fassari in the Rio Grande dol region near Soledade in Brazil. Once split open, both sides of the stone just so happen to look exactly like the Cookie Monster. It was found in November, but the discovery was just recently revealed by Bowers with a video posted to Facebook, and it wasn’t long before the muppet-adorned rock went viral.

On the outside, the rock is in no way unordinary, but how it looks on the inside is a dead ringer for Sesame Street‘s resident cookie-loving muppet. His face is made up of blue quartz crystals with a perfectly-placed hole making up the Cookie Monster’s happy, toothless smile. He’s even got the muppet googly eyes to complete the look, and you can almost hear the Cookie Monster’s voice when you see it.

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Per MailOnline, Bowers said of the discovery: “This is very unusual! There are a few famous agates out there: the owl, the scared face…there are many approximate ones but rare to find clear well-defined like that. I think this is probably the most perfect Cookie Monster out there. I have seen others but here you have it complete (both sides). Lucas Fassari is actually the one who found it.”

Bowers also said that the rarity of the rock makes it incredibly valuable, revealing that he’d already been offered over $10,000 from five different potential buyers. Going viral has only helped raise the price with the exposure capturing the attention of other rock-collecting Sesame Street fans with some money to burn. The Daily Star reports that a bidding war has since begun to claim the Cookie Monster rock, with collectors offering up to $100,000 or &#16373,000 to buy it.

Cookie Monster has been around since 1969, making his debut on the premiere episode of Sesame Street. While he eats almost anything, his favorite food is obviously cookies, as he sings about in his signature song, “C Is For Cookie.” He was voiced by Frank Oz from 1969 through 2001 until David Rudman took over as the official voice of Cookie Monster. After all these decades, the lovable muppet continues to appear in a prominent role on Sesame Stereet which can now be streamed on HBO Max.

Sesame Street characters have been found in other odd places before. In 2018, NASA observed a formation on the surface of Mars that looks a lot like Beaker, the wide-eyed muppet that can only say, “Meep.” The discovery was found on the polar region of the planet’s surface following a global dust storm. This area is covered with frozen carbon dioxide, which contributes to the bizarre formations sometimes seen on the surface that can resemble Beaker from Sesame Street and other characters from pop culture.

The Cookie Monster rock doesn’t seem to have yet been sold. This news comes to us from MailOnline.

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