WandaVision: Every Burning Question We Still Need Answered ASAP

The recently released episode of WandaVision has undoubtedly sped up the story by unravelling many mysteries like how Monica ended up in Westview’s pseudo reality, who was the beekeeper at the end of Episode 2, and much more. But in the process, it has set up some pretty head-scratching puzzles that have once again left the viewers looking for some urgent answers. As now the series has finally entered the MCU world properly, the suspense is unbearable. The following article contains SPOILERS from WandaVision Episode 4, proceed only if you have watched it.

People outside Westview have forgotten it exists in WandaVision

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Wanda created this pseudo-reality out of her grief and it is hard to believe that she would go out of her way to erase the existence of Westview. Someone has gone to great lengths to ensure that Wanda’s fake reality continues functioning without any hiccups and thus, has made all the relatives, friends, and associates of the people trapped in Westview forget that they ever existed so no one comes knocking or raises suspicion. People have even forgotten that there is a town with the name of Westview. Who did this?

The ancient radiation around Westview

Westview radiation in WandaVision

Darcy discovers CBMR i.e., Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation in the energy field surrounding the town. It is relic radiation produced during the Big Bang that created the universe. If Wanda is really the one behind it all, how on Earth could she project an energy that predates her by millions of years?

Who is Agnes?

Agnes in WandaVision

As S.W.O.R.D. is now matching the real identities of the characters in Wanda’s sitcom land to their ids, we see only Agnes’ photo without an id. This means that she is not a resident of the town and is an outsider. By now, it is obvious that she is the witch, Agatha Harkness (look at her brooch, people!), so the real question is why is she in Westview?

Where is Dottie?

Dottie in WandaVision

Maybe we are yet to see SWORD discover her real-world identity but it is indeed suspicious that they have the real names of all the characters that we see after Dottie is introduced but neither her picture or her id is yet to land on the board. 

Why the hexagonal shapes?

Hexagons in WandaVision

This is also one of the questions that has Agent Jimmy Woo stumped. Why is there an abundance of hexagons throughout the show, right from the opening titles to even the earring Monica wore in Episode 3? Is it an indication that AIM is the one behind everything or it is someone more sinister?

Why did the helicopter appear in color, but the SWORD Agent didn’t?

Color helicopter in WandaVision

Even the SWORD agent turned black and white upon entering Wanda’s reality but for some mysterious reason, the former-drone-now-toy-helicopter retained its red-yellow color. Why? 

Why is the fake reality continuously switching time periods?

Time periods in WandaVision

Darcy voices what we have been already baffled about- why is it a sitcom, why is there a broadcast wavelength (is someone else watching it too?), and above all, why is the fake reality jumping from one decade to another? There better be a sound reason for this weird anomaly. 

Someone is censoring the broadcast

Censored broadcast in WandaVision

While Darcy and Jimmy keep an eye on what is happening in the fake world beyond the breach, they notice that every time reality seeps into Westview, the broadcast is censored, and the scenes are deleted. Like Jimmy contacting Wanda through the radio and what happened between Wanda and Monica is strangely removed. As all this is happening in real-time and Wanda is clearly shaken after each encounter, the logical deduction would be that someone is censoring the broadcast. But who is this “someone”?

And of course, the biggest question that remains, as aptly put by Jimmy, is “who” created “a sitcom starring two Avengers?” It could be Wanda, it could be a second party, or both. We can only wait for Episode 5 to arrive with more answers. Meanwhile, you can watch (or rewatch} the latest episode of WandaVision streaming only on the official Disney+ app.

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